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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Booking Information 2024

Mount Kailash Location: Western part of Tibet

Altitude: Mount Kailash peak (6714meter) above Sea level.

Base camp of Kailash: Darchen 4600 meter above Sea level

Climate/Weather: Changeable (Max. 20 degree Celsius to Mini. -15 degree Celsius

Believe: Hindu, Buddhist, Ban-Po, Jain (AUM followers

Visiting Time: May to End of September

Kailash Round: 52 K.M. (3 days) 38 K.M. walking only

Altitude-Lake Mansarovar: 4580 above sea level

Circumambulation Mansarovar Lake: 102 K.M. (by Bus 6/7 hours)

Distance from Kathmandu: 820 km on way including round of Kailash Parbat

Total Journey (Yatra): From KTM to KTM 10 to 16 days

Clothing: Heavy woolen type & wind proof jackets

Standard time: Tibet is 2:15 hours a head then Nepali's time

Currency in Tibet: Renimbi or Yuan. 1 dollar equivalent 6:20 Yuan approximately

Why You Should Go Kailash Yatra ?

Kailash and Man Sarovar are center of universe because of source of Water and its spiritual legend. The magical and mystical spot has been drawing people to its divine presence for various reasons. Here are some reason why you should not miss this snow jewels kailash and holy lake mansarovar yatra.

The Mt. Kailash and lake Mansarovar along with holy Mansarovar lake is deeply integral to the hard of spiritual imagination of human beings since time immemorial.

According to Hindu legend, the lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma.(The next face of Shiva) Hence, in Sanskrit it is called Manasarovar, which is a combination of the words 'Manas' (mind) and 'Sarovar' (lake). Hindus also believe Mt. Kailash to be the abode of Lord Shiva, the holy centre of the earth and the manifestation of heaven itself.

Tibetan Buddhists profess that Kailash (kang Rimpoche - snow god) is the home of the Buddha Demchok who symbolizes supreme harmony. The Tibetan religion of 'Bon Poo' believes Mount Kailash as their spiritual seat of power. In Jainism, Kailash, referred to as Mount Ashtapada, (where eight rishi had meditate) is the place where the creator of their faith, Rishabhadeva, attained freedom from the cycle of life and rebirth.

Just 21 kilometers away from Mount Kailash and in front of Mt. Gorla Mandata, the sacred blue and emerald green Manasarovar lake that lies at a height of 4550m is known to be an epitome of purity, containing healing properties and the power to wash off all mortal sins.

For these reasons and more, a trip to Kailash Manasarovar yatra is an intense spiritual experience, complete with the inclusion of meditation sessions, sathsangs ( spiritual discourses) and much more. The 13-days trip to Kailash (16 Days from Lhasa, 10 days by Helicopter via Hilsa) will commence at Kathmandu and Lucknow (08 days) , where you will explore the ancient city along with its holy spots Pashupatinath, if you travel Via Kathmandu. This will be followed by the challenging yet fulfilling trek to the North face of Kailash, where you will get a chance to meditate in the presence of the mighty peak before you journey back. A sojourn to this roof of the world is an arduous, but rewarding one. Every single traveler of this incredible journey undergoes a humbling and enlightening transformation, which cannot be described, but can only be felt first hand.

Enjoy and be prepared for some incredible experiences. Soak in the sights of cliff-top monasteries, yak caravans leisurely ambling over snowy passes, and the mighty peaks of the Himalayas. But most importantly, get ready to have an honest peek into your own self. With our team of highly skilled local Nepalese, trained and dedicated teachers and volunteers ever ready to help you with every step you take on this memorable journey, you will be enveloped in a sense of endless energy, tranquility and oneness. This year, Kailash Manasarovar parikrama 52km. with the walk of 38 km. between May to September any date for 2024.

We at NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. condemn unauthorized access and improper use or disclosure of your personal information and have strict policy guidelines and technology with security features to prevent the same.

Additional Tour

Muktinath -Manakamana Tour 4 Days 3 Night 38000 INR and for NRIs 900 US$- Tourist standard hotel twin share basis with full board meal.

Everest flight is extra @US$300 and INR10500 pp

Extra Cost If Required

Horse ride during the Parikrama 1 horse for 3 days USD$450 approximate (Directly payable to the horse herder)

Personal porter (assistance) for carrying small bag, water and camera for 3 days round Kailash USD 250 approximately

Extra Service

Extra day trip to Saptrishi cave & Nandi Parikrama jeep + guide + oxygen Per Person INR 40,000 and US$ 500 for other passport holder & minimum 4 person required. (Bus cannot drive)

Group Size: From 40 to 50 person maximum.

Cancellation Policy:

• Initial amount for booking is INR 20,000/- for Indians & USD 500 for NRI and Foreigners being 50% refundable & nontransferable, once booked subsequently intended cancellations & delays caused due to natural, terrorist attack ,political or by the Pilgrim modification reason If the booking is cancelled 30 days prior to departure, INR 30,000 for Indians & USD 600 for foreigners would be charged as cancellation amount.

• If the booking is cancelled 20 days prior to departure, 50% of the tour cost will be into cancellation process.

• If the booking is cancelled 15 days prior to departure, there will be no refund.

* Should Chinese authorities in their regulatory and administrative concern exercise their authority to disallow travel permit/ visa or restrictions for certain dates, areas, nationalities, shall be abiding by all of us the organizers and subscribers no claim in such a case for compensation will be entertained however the cancellation and refunds can be followed as ritually as in terms.

*Should date changes and shuffle imposed by the Chinese/ Tibet authorities impact yatra itinerary, subscribers will have no claims on the us the organizers for their required changes in their to & fro travel tickets, leave from works, home and their personal managements to report at the new date and schedule for the yatra.

* Should there be up-ward revision in foreign exchange rate it will become applicable to all bookings difference become payable.

* Rescheduling there be any reason whereby permits / visas are not provided by the Chinese for a certain period , or travel to the region is out of bounds, NTP will ensure in all such cases unforeseen though subscribers are accorded with high respect for their subscriptions and they are accommodated in the next travel dates to their best facilitations such postponement are considered not as desired cancellations by the subscribers and their paid amount is absolutely adjusted in the next tour date, we even regard for no price revision for these shuffles.

*For any cause or the reason should there be any need for disputes settlement NTP Tourism Affairs Limited will abide and obey all that is ordained by the Honorable and designated courts, legal forums however we earnestly make it viable in legal terms that Delhi Courts & Legal forums are our company jurisdiction for all such challenges, settlements or claims.

Booking would be acknowledged upon receipt of the following:

1. Booking form in original (duly filled, signed and stamped>

2. Booking amount including non-refundable deposit.

3. Four passport size photographs.

4. Eight months valid passport in original from the date of return.

5. On account of booking amount of INR 20,000/- for Indians & USD500 for NRI & Foreigners

6. Balance Payment may be Settled 40 days before the tour commencement

7. Original Passport 15 days before the tour commencement date.

Important Information for Kailash Yatra

About the food during the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

During the Full Kailash mansarovar yatra we serve 100% Vegetarian food combined South Indian and others. All the food cooked by our Chef and need and clean kitchen staff, Fresh vegetable and well cooked food serve you 3 times a day including drinking water. We use mineral water or boiled water for drinks. (Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast)

Age Limit for Kailash Yatra

Age limit is 65 years old (only for Indian Passport Holder) but we are able to get Tibet Permit for people above 70 years also in the past. However, we cannot guarantee that permit will be issued. For foreign passport holder and NRIS and Nepalese people, there is no age bar for Kailash Yatra. But, Pilgrim must be fit and fine and physically good condition.

What to Ware In Kailash Yatra

Casual wears and comfortable walking shoes are required. Be sure to bring warm clothing as the nights and early mornings can be quite chilly to severe cold. Indian Pilgrims are strictly advised not to wear Sari. Bring all the film, medicine, cosmetics, personal toilet items etc. that you will need from home as these are difficult to obtain on the way. A small first aid kit is also a good idea to take. Also quite useful is a route map, to know where you are going and have been on each day.

Special Require For Your Comfort Kailash Yatra

Walking stick, Drinking water bottle, 1 trekking shoes for 3 days round & shoes for supper jeep or city walking, sandal, Mouth mask, sun hat, eye glace, cold cream.

What to Take For Mansarovar Yatra?

Winter wear: Gore-Tex material, though expensive, is highly recommended. Down jacket, raincoat or windbreakers, thermal under wears, Jackets, warm trousers & woolen shirts (cotton will also do), warm sweaters, woolen gloves, sun hat, comfortable shoes, light leather boots in case of snow, woolen balaclava ('monkey cap') & scarf/dust mask to protect your eyes & nose from dust.

What to Bring With You (Equipment Paking Lists) For Mansarovar Yatra

Day snacks along the way, Chocolates, dry fruits, Glucose or any kind of biscuits and strong water bottle & water purifying tablets. Personal medical kit and Diamox tablet (for high altitude). Sun glasses (to protect your eyes from UV, which is especially strong in high altitude). Sun block or sun screen lotion, wet tissues (Fresh-ones are excellent to wipe off the dust), clothes-line/clips, needle & thread, deo-spray (handy for smelly boots/feet and for a round of spray in the toilet tent), toilet paper, torch lights & spare batteries, daypack (small shoulder bag), if needed Camera & films, Binocular.

Health Condition for Mansarovar Yatra

This is one of the toughest high altitude road journeys on earth. You must be physically fit. Generally patients with asthma & heart problems have a problem to acclimatizing to high altitudes. In your interests it is essential, you should be examined by your doctor to know about your health condition and your ability to cope up with the rigor of high altitude travel to extreme cold, dust, trekking to an altitude of 5636 meter Dolma Pass during the Kailash round.

Altitude Sickness During Kailash Yatra

As you are traveling over high terrain, you are likely to experience symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness (headache, loss of appetite, nausea, exhaustion, sleeplessness, breathlessness etc.) until your body adjusts to the elevation or acclimatizes. This can take a couple of days or more depending on an individual. For this reason alone, we have made it mandatory to stay extra time and slow going high altitude. Yatris (Tourists) can also take the flight from Kathmandu to Simikot by Helicopter as well and it will be shorter days to make completes. Drink plenty of water, be calm, and do not exercise. Do not drink alcohol or smoke prior to and during the tour. We also recommend you carry a strip of Diamox tablets or similar (after consulting with doctor) for Altitude sickness. Do consult your physician on the dosage. We provide (Life saving device in case of altitude sickness). And Oxygen Cylinder with regulator and mask.


Important: 2000INR rupees and 500INR rupees bills are not allowed while you are travelling in Nepal. The currency rate in Nepal is 100 INR = 160NPR, Unit of Chinese currency is Yuan. USD-1 = 6.50 Yuan. 1 Yuan = INR 14 approx; Currency can be exchange at Bank of China in the Tibet border or from the local peoples at Border or in Kathmandu, Your remaining Yuan at the end of the trip you can exchange in USD or Nepali rupees at Border yourself during the re-entering time Nepal. If you need any help we can help to arrange that from Kathmandu.

Bookings & Itinerary Key Understanding

Process of Booking

To avail our travel services or to book a seat in one of our Fixed Departure Tour Packages to Kailash Mansarovar you can simply complete the Booking Form and send it to our office along with the necessary enclosures. Upon receiving confirmation from our office for availability of our services you must deposit registration fee though any source of payment mention on our website. Once you deposit the payments with us, please notify our office by sending a copy of payment deposit slip/reference.

Trip / Service Modifications

Please note Kailash Yatra trips operate in group shape only on fixed departure dates and fixed routes, therefore no amendment for individual is permitted in China part specifically. However, for Kathmandu and other Nepal parts we welcome your requirements for upgradation of stay, food, transport etc. All additional expenses incurred for any upgradation or amendments shall be payable in advance by you. Such amendments or upgradation in service will be subject to availability and on direct payments basis. Our tour guides and local representatives will retain the right to accept or reject your demand for such change or upgradation and their decision will be last.

Last Minute Changes

Kailash Mansarovar trips are all pre-organized and in a shape of a group joining travel package. These trips require to obtain several restricted area permits, visa for the country of travel, advance purchase of flight/helicopter seats, advance arrangement of stay and food etc.; therefore making last minute changes in this trip will not be possible. If there is any last minute change in your own travel plan due to your personal priorities or any other unforeseen reasons at your end, any additional expense incurred will be taken care by you only and not the Company. For such reasons if you are excluded from the trip, no refund claim will be entertained. Unlike the above reason for last minute change, if the trip gets delayed or postponed due to any kind of unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to, delay in getting necessary travel permits or visa, change in the policy of trip organizing authorities, industrial disputes, act of God, technical failure, flight delay, sickness, strike, riots etc. the additional expense for changing your flight tickets, additional stay and food or any other expense incurred on you has to be taken care by you only. The ‘Company’ shall not be set liable and responsible for the same. Also in such cases of unwanted delay in the trip, if you wish to cancel your trip, there will be no refund or adjustment of payments will be applicable.

Changes before the trip Commencement

Before the launch of the trip, if you wish to make any changes or if the changes are forced by the situations mentioned above, all additional expenses shall be on you only and not the ‘Company’. – refer the form details mentioned above.

Changes during the conduction of the trip

Once the trip has launched and during the trip, due to your personal reason you demand any changes or even if the changes are forced by the unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to, delay in getting necessary travel permits or visa, change in the policy of trip organizing authorities, industrial disputes, act of God, technical failure, flight delay, sickness, strike, riots etc.; all additional expenses incurred on your trip has to be paid by you only. The ‘Company’ shall take no responsibilities of such additional expenses. If the onward or return trip gets delayed, or if the route is changed by the guides or authorized person of the ‘Company’ due to any forced situation, or even if the trip gets cancelled in part or as a whole, the additional expense will be on you. There will be no refund for any unutilized services in such situation.

Delay Before the commencement of the trip

The travel to Kailash Mansarovar is very unpredictable due to several climatic, technical, political, industrial and operational reasons. Delay in such trips due to the reasons mentioned are very common and widely known. It is highly recommended, that you do not fix your family priorities, important business meeting, doctor appointments etc. near to your travel dates. Delay in grant of necessary travel permits and visa, delay in flights or road travel due to climatic disorder or other reason, delay in start of the trip due to other group participant/s, delay due to sickness of own or others, delay due to rush of travellers on the route etc. are beyond our control and in such situation you have to adjust your plans with the group only. All additional expense incurred on you due to such situation, will be payable by you only. Also if you express your inability to adjust yourself with the changed plan and if you wish to cancel your trip, no refund will be applicable.

If there is delay in the return date

As stated above, due to the unwanted delay or amendment in the trip itinerary or dates, if there are any additional expenses incurred on your travel, the same has to be paid by you only. The common additional expense in such situation are for additional hotel stay, additional food, additional ground transport, additional necessary permits, return flight/rail ticket change etc. Kindly ensure that you carry sufficient money with you to overcome such additional expense.

Additional Services (during the Yatra)

All add on services will be subject to availability and on direct payment basis.

Payment Concerns

Quote Variations

The price for the Yatra are inclusive of basic accommodation, vegetarian food, transport, guides, fuel charges, permits, visa etc. and we take utmost care for not increasing the price for trip during the year. But in the cases of hike in fuel price, Government taxes/fee, visa/permit charges, currency exchange rate fluctuation, air fare increase, ground operator service fee increase and others which are beyond our control, NTP retains the right to increase the price of the trip or a part of the trip without any further notice at any time before or during your trip. You confirm that, on demand by the Company, you will pay such additional charges to the Company without fail.

Special promotions, schemes and discounts

All our special schemes and offers including early bird offer, last minute discount etc. are based on full non-refundable payments basis, until specified unless. None of the two (or more) schemes/ offers / deals can be clubbed with each other or any other offer introduced by us. All such schemes and offers introduced by us are only promotional offers and the terms of the scheme/s can be changed anytime thereafter without assigning any notice. We also retain the right to withdraw or modify the offers/scheme anytime without assigning any notice. It is totally at our discretion to confirm or reject any booking under such schemes. To bring more travelers, we keep floating attractive schemes and offers which may be seen on our website or in our promotional advertisements. While making the query with us, you clearly need to mention the details of our special offer under which you wish to book the trip. Services and bookings for all schemes and offers are subject to availability only. Trips once booked cannot be shifted to any other offer/scheme introduced by us at a later stage. Such deals and offers are a part of our marketing strategy and we retain the right to decide upon the price of the yatra. No claim whatsoever will be entertained in this regard. All bookings, cancellations and refunds will be only as per the booking agreement signed between the Company and travelers.

Cancellation- Force Majeure

Force Majeure Cancellation While making arrangement for your yatra, our experts take utmost care to provide you with best available information and best possible services to ensure a successful and safe journey for you. However, we do not take any responsibility for cancelation or amendment or delay of the yatra (or any part/s of the journey) due to reasons beyond our control including weather conditions, natural hazard, industrial disputes, technical failures, road conditions, flight delay/cancellations, political reasons, sudden notifications/announcement from concerned Govt. bodies or authorities, riots, strikes, medical reasons etc. No refund is applicable in such cases and also in such cases during or before the commencement of the yatra, if any additional expense occurs the same shall be paid by the traveler/s only. It is to be noticed by the travelers that the trips to Mt. Kailash are organized in a very remote area where very basic amenities are available for stay and food etc. and the level of uncertainty of Kailash trip is high due to its climatic conditions, diplomatic/political reasons etc. Our partners and expert team ensures success and fulfilment of the trip but the same is always under the discretion of the local authorities and Chinese Govt. While you contact us for your yatra bookings, you confirm having carefully read, understood and accepted the above mentioned cancellation policy of the Company. Dispute if any Shall be Handled in Delhi Court only.

Services which remain unutilized

The packages available on our website are offered in as-in shape or with possible modification as may be requested by the traveler. Please note that there shall be no refund applicable for any unutilized service, until approved in writing by one of our managers or staff in advance at the time of cancelation. The customers accept not to have any right to claim such refunds against unutilized service/s.

Health Declaration

While booking the yatra with us, you declare that you are in good health with good mental and physical condition since you are aware of the fact that Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar trip is a challenging task and operates in a very high altitude with tough climatic conditions and very limited availability of tourism facilities. You confirm that you have informed to NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. in writing, about all your medical issue/problem which you are aware of. You confirm that the Company and/or its owners, directors, partners, staff, associates etc. shall not be kept responsible for any issue pertaining to your health or/and loss of health/life and any additional expenses incurred due to such a case.

• You are advised to own a small waist pouch or document bag to manage the following documents properly;

• Kindly consult your doctor and get yourself examined for this yatra

• As Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar is situated at high altitudes please start exercises like walking, jogging, yoga, and other breathing exercises in order to have a successful yatra

Insurance Concerns

Travel and health insurance are not included in our trip price and it is the responsibility of the traveler to carry valid insurance for Kailash Yatra and other trips. Make sure that you are fully insured for the entire duration of the yatra in respect of sickness, illness, injury, death, loss of personal belongings, emergency expenses and cancelation / changes of flight or trip. NTP will try its level best in assisting for the claims


Risks & Liability on Mansarovar Yatra

NTP Tourism Affairs Limited its associates will take its high attention always to make your Yatra and tours smooth and pleasant. However, all the tours in Tibet are conducted strictly under the rules & regulation of Tibet Tourism Bureau. Therefore, NTP TOURISM AFFAIRS LIMITED and its counterparts shall not be responsible for any change and modification in the program due to unavoidable circumstances such as landslide, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, and cancellation of flight, delay arrival, sickness or accidents. Any extra cost incurred thereof shall be borne by the clients on the spot on their own.

Happy tours to Kailash & Mansarovar Yatra 2024 … Om Namo Shivaya !

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