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Packing Items for Mansarover Yatra – Complete Kailash Yatra preparation Guide for 2024

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a difficult yatra in the Tibet Region of China , While joining for a complete kailash journeys, you must plan in a way you are travelling to the high altitude and rough climate, so baggage must have proper woolen cloths and trekking equipments

Find below the complete list of items that are required for the upcoming Mount Kailash Package in 2024. Which helps you and all the kailash yatris to pack the right things for the Mansarovar Yatra.

Here are the complete kailash mansarovar yatra list for you

> Most Important and comfortable hiking shoes – Shoes must be comfortable for hiking. Please do not take new fresh shoes for parikrama. You must use the shoes before the yatra. Then it's smooth and easy to wear.

> Warm pullover/jackets – Take warm jackets and sweaters or pullovers or thermal inner clothes. Those help you to keep warm in cold temperatures.

> A pair of Sandal /slippers – Are good for evening and morning and to use for toilets/bathrooms.

> Walking sticks – Are very much suggested for Mount Kailash Trek or Kailash Parikrama. That stick helps you to go up and down and make balance for your body.

> Torch light or flash light – During kailash yatra a few places you are out of electric source. So, during the evening, night and dark time its very useful for you.

> Drinking water bottle – At least 1 liter, which is very commonly you can buy anywhere.

> Thermos/Flash – Useful for cold temperatures and you can always use hot water for drinking.

> Soft toilet paper and tissue paper – Very useful for cold weather.

> Rain suite/Poncho – Is another important thing during kailash yatra. It not only protect water but also protects the winds and keeps your body warm.

> Sunscreen, Goggles, Monkey cap, Mosquito cream (odomos or similar), Altitude sickness medicine, Muffler/Scarf

> Waste bags for emergency cases.

> Sun glass (suggested UV protection and polarized) , wind mask, lip guard and soft cream and head oil.

> Regular medicine and it is hard to find them during the Yatra & also prepare some extra first aid medicine kit.

> Dry fruits/nuts or candies for refreshment – The air is dry on kailas mansarovar area, So if you use this things on your mouth always good (Raisins etc + Candies & Energy Bar)

> Body clothes – Feel free to wear any kinds of clothes, most be comfortable, warm and clean. There is not any restriction for cloth in Kailash yatra (Avoid draping clothes like Sari, lungi, dhoti etc)

> A backpack or rucksack – Take a small backpack for your daily personal things to carry. Mostly every kailash tour operator from Kathmandu, they will provide their name printed bags for you as a gift. And they also provide you a duffel bag (About 30 liters). Please put all your important things for yatra in the bag and you will get that bag in front of your hotel/guest house room by your kailash yatra staff everyday.

> Puja Samagri for Manasarovar and Kailash.

> 3-4 pairs of winter shocks and inner layers to change.

> A smooth towel for short bath and face wash.

Other regular Clothes are following in short form

• Thermal vest and pyjama

• Undergarments and Nightwear

• Full sleeves cotton round and polo neck and t-shirts

• Comfortable and WARM pants/leggings/trousers

• Woolen sweater, Down jacket (able to accommodate inner layers)

• Cotton socks, Woolen socks

• Balaclava (monkey cap) and Shawl/scarf

• Gloves – cotton/woolen mittens AND a pair of snow gloves for those doing the Parikrama

• Wind cheater with hood

• Slippers to be worn with socks

• Swimsuit (hot spring in Chui Gompa) If you are interested, you can use that by paying yourself.

• Something to wear while taking a dip in Lake Mansarovar

List of personal and bathkits for mansarovar yatra.

• Tooth paste & brush

• Lip Balm and Sunscreen

• Deodorant & perfume

• Shampoo sachets

• Soap strips

• Skin moisturizer

• Toilet paper rolls/personal hygiene wipes

• Small mirror

• Comb/hair brush

• Hair ties

• Hand sanitizers

• Face mask

Other important miscellaneous items for Kailash Tour

• Luggage Tags to remember your baggage

• Number locks for luggage

• Battery packs for phone and camera

• Camera with extra storage memory/batteries

• Phone and camera chargers (Nepal and Tibet have same plug adapters as India)

• Plastic bags to separate used and unused clothes

• Small knife (Not suggested on hand carry)

• IPod and headphones

Photocopy of passport in each piece of luggage with complete contact info or if you have a personal visiting card you can log on your yatra bag.

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